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Project by:
Rodney Leary
Semester 4 Cisco


1 Cisco 3640 4-slot Modular Router-AC with IP Software- (Providing access from WAN)

2 Catalyst 48 port Inline Power Patch Panel Switches- 1 Admin and 1 Student side (providing access to servers and all 32 Classrooms)

6 AS5800 Access Servers-
2 DNS Server- Used for translation of Domain Name Services
Application Server- Used for widely accessed Applications (such as Word, Excel, etc.). It allows easy upgrades and installation of Applications.
Library Server- Used for Curricular Research Projects
1 DHCP Server- Used for IP addressing to student PC's

The Wires connecting to the classrooms are 100BaseT.

NO Email servers are listed or used, I'm assuming that any email accounts will be through web-based email services (IE. Hotmail).

Please see the Hardware section for more info on the routers, switches, and servers used.
Please see the Logical Specs Section for info on the full IP Addresses, ACLS and subnets used.

All Cisco elements such as routers and router software are copyright by Cisco Systems and are not to be used without expressed permission from them. This project was created in Cisco guide lines and with the knowledge of a certified Cisco instructor. Feel free to visit for more information on their services. 
Thank you- Rodney Leary