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Project by:
Rodney Leary
Semester 4 Cisco

Welcome to Rodney Leary's  School District Project, presented as a Cisco Semester 4 final.

This project will cover the implementation of a WAN, LAN, and Classroom setup in both the  physical and logical elements of a Network. Below is a table of contents outlining the different sections covered.

  • WAN- The Main Distribution Facility in which my main routers will be located and where the Internet is feed to. This area will split of into my LAN. I will also list the cables and devices used here.

  • LAN- This is where the access enters my school district and will be divided into a student server and a administrative server. Other servers will be located here as well, there will also be access list implemented for security issues. From here the servers will enter the classroom. I will also list the cables and devices used here.

  • Rooms- This will be the classroom setup. It will contain the student workstations and one (1) "Admin" workstation. I will also list the cables and devices used here.

  • Hardware- This section will contain all the hardware (IE. Routers, Switches, Hubs) that are being used in this Network and the software that is implemented on them. The names and actual hardware are Cisco proprietary and can be purchased from

  • Logical Specs- Here I will list my IP addressing scheme and other logical elements such as my ACL's (Access Control List's) and Password guidelines.

All Cisco elements such as routers and router software are copyright by Cisco Systems and are not to be used without expressed permission from them. This project was created in Cisco guide lines and with the knowledge of a certified Cisco instructor. Feel free to visit for more information on their services. 
Thank you- Rodney Leary