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Scab Bio

Height: 6'
Weight: 208 lbs.
From: Seattle, WA
Finisher: Superkick, Pile Driver
Intro Music:
Green Day, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine
Belts Held:
-WWO Heavyweight (3x)
-WWO Toughman (1x)
-WWO Tag Team (1x)
-SCW Junior-Heavyweight (1x)
-SCW Heavyweight(2x)
-USCW Cruiserweight (1x)
-VCW Tag Team (1x)
-VCW HardCore(1x)
-PCW Cruiserweight (1x)


-Scab and Dewey Cheatum voted as #1 SCW Tag Team for 2001!!!

-Listed as #412 in PWI 500 (for 2001), for the first time!

-Becoming 3 time SCW Champion (joining Cham Pain and Otto Schwanz in the history books)

-On the cover of Raleigh's SPECTATOR magazine for SCW.

-Wrestled at "Break The Barrier" in the ECW Arena, presented by in 1999.

-Listed as #1 Indy wrestler in the April 2000 issue of Wrestle America (page 84).

-Scab and BTB information listed in PWI 2000 Almanac.

-Scab voted  most popular and #1 wrestler in WWO for 1999.

-Scab voted into Whoo Top 100 wrestlers by fans.

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