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I went head to head with my old nemesis Preston Quinn at this months VCW show in Virginia, it was a hard fought battle but his home town crowd gave him the advantage and he won using the TKO. It was great to be back in VCW and to have such a good match on my return. I have no VCW dates scheduled for December so I will need to get licensed again before I can work with them on any other VA company... commishions are pains in the @$$!

I had a great vactaion in Myrtle Beach last weekend with my girlfriend and some friends. If you get down there make sure to visit the Haunted House on the strip... it's a scream! While we were there we caught "The One" with Jet Li and all I have to say is DAMN! I loved that movie... it brought fight scenes to another level higher than the Matrix. Check it out. I just got "The Talisman" by King and Straub., I'll let you know what I think when I'm done.

Southern Championship Wrestling celebrates 7 years this Sunday at Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill. Make sure to show up to support the #1 Indy group in the Carolina's... it's sure to be a amazing show. Also, visit the link below for more information on SCW and the Anniversary show.

I have a surprise for Kings this month... it's a secret so you'll have to show up to see it... don't miss out!

Happy Holidays to you and your families this season. Remember to give thanks for all that you have and all that has been given to you. Also keep praying for those who have suffered from the September 11th tragedy, the victims of Anthrax attacks, and everyone hurt by the plane accident on Monday. Be good to each other and God Bless America.


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